The Night Hunters


The Night Hunters is the title of a story in the forthcoming third volume of Dominica Traveller magazine. It describes my first – and hopefully not my last – face-to-face meeting with Dominica’s bats. I was invited by two visiting experts, Lisa Simms and Kate Derrick, to spend two evenings in the field with them, catching, studying and tagging fruit- and insect-eating bats. Lisa was especially interested in two bats; the endemic and very tiny myotis dominicensis, and the much larger noctilio leporinus. The first evening was spent in thick rainforest above Rosalie on Dominica’s east coast, and the second was spent knee-deep in the Cabrits swamp in the north west. It was a unique experience for me, I learned a lot and am forever grateful for the kind invitation to go along. You can read all about it in volume three, coming in October.

Dominica bats


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