A beautiful printed and digital journal about Dominica, the eastern Caribbean’s Nature Island


Dominica Traveller is an independent journal that is published annually in print and digital formats.
It features well researched and beautifully photographed stories about art and culture, natural living, and conscious travel. An insightful, interesting and collectible publication, Dominica Traveller lasts longer than a single read and evolves with each volume. The printed journal is distributed free on island via hotels, restaurants, airport and tourism offices, and a limited number also find their way to travel shows in Europe and the Caribbean.

“The sun rises every day and will always give us the opportunity to do things better.” Nelly Stharre.

For volume two we increased the page count, and in volume three we will use heavier woodfree paper stock and include a section containing some very beautiful FSC approved offset paper. Printed copies will continue to be free of charge on island and at selected travel shows. If you are unlucky enough not to visit Dominica, printed copies will be available for purchase via this website and posted internationally by our new fulfilment partners in Florida. The digital version will continue to be free of charge.

Volume three will be published in October 2017.


Paul Crask is the creator and editor of Dominica Traveller. An arts graduate of Leeds University he lived and worked in Germany, Japan and the UK before embarking on a complete lifestyle change. In 2005 he moved to Dominica with his wife Celia who was born on the island. Paul is also the author of two Bradt Travel Guides and has written for regional and international travel publications. Currently Paul writes and photographs most of the stories in Dominica Traveller though he is always on the look-out for talented contributors.

Janie Conley is art director of Dominica Traveller and co-owner of Leeward Consultants in Antigua whose titles include Food & Drink Guide, Simply Antigua Barbuda, Carib Art House, and Caribbean Homes & Lifestyle. A graduate of University College London with an MA in Electronic Communication and Publishing and a BA Hons in Photography and Printmaking, she is also co-author and creative director of Gourmand award-winning cookbook, Tablemanners.


Advertising provides the bulk of the funding required to produce Dominica Traveller. This is how we keep it free on island. We like profile style advertising because it conforms nicely with the look and feel of the journal – and we can take care of the photography and words as part of the package. But you can also send us your own brand style advert too.
In May each year we produce a media kit with prices, options and specifications. And in October – without fail – we publish in time for Creole and Independence.
If you are interested in advertising in Dominica Traveller and would like to receive a media kit, please email: paulcrask@gmail.com.

Thank you for your interest in Dominica Traveller. We hope you enjoy reading it.

Email: paulcrask@gmail.com
Twitter: @paulcrask
Facebook: dominicatraveller

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