Geneva Estate

This is a photograph of the ruins of the Geneva Estate in the Grand Bay area of Dominica. It used to produce sugar, molasses and rum. The estate features as ‘Coulibri’ in the novel Wide Sa... Read More

Iguana Cafe

This is a photograph I took of Iguana Cafe in Glanvillea, near Portsmouth. It’s one of my favourite places in Dominica and hosts, Jennifer and Cartouche, are always welcoming. The food is great ... Read More

Citrus seedlings

Planting out seedlings at the Botanical Gardens as part of the Citrus Certification Programme. Based on a Cuban model, the programme aims to propagate and sell to farmers citrus plants that are free f... Read More

Kalinago Conversation

According to western historians, anthropologists, and archaeologists, Dominica’s Kalinago are the direct descendents of a tribe of Arawakan language speaking Amerindians who emerged from the north e... Read More

Volcanic Landscapes

Holli Frey is Associate Professor of Geology at Union College, New York. She has been bringing students to Dominica since 2012 after spending time on Montserrat studying the Soufriere Hills volcano. I... Read More

Indigo Art

Marie Frederick drove around Paris in her little deux chevaux, sometimes working on a hotel switchboard and other times in one of the city’s oldest vegetarian restaurants. In her free moments she pa... Read More

Fighting Back

JENNY SPENCER asks me to step into a bath of disinfectant when I enter. “Just to be on the safe side,” she says. “So you don’t bring any of the disease in here with you.” I do as I am asked ... Read More